May Pole Cake

When I was a kid my parents had a birthday party cake book in their cookbook collection that I was slightly obsessed with. The book was very 90s in style with tons of cut-out cakes made to look like objects such as a telephone, a castle, and oddly, a bus. I poured over the pages of this book constantly and I was well known to pick out my birthday cake many months in advance. Before I even started making my own cakes I was mesmerized by the color and the occasion for such fanciful creations.

Sadly, I’ve since lost track of the book but I haven’t lost the habit of flipping through cake books for inspiration and frankly, entertainment. I have my own cookbook library now and among my favorites are my vintage Wilton cake decorating books. They not only bring me a ridiculous amount of joy but also ceaseless inspiration.

I knew when I first laid eyes on this May Pole Cake that I wanted to try and recreate it. I love the originality of the pole component and the little prom people figurines. I love the vivid greens and purple and yellow-y chartreuse that remind me of the vibrancy of spring grass. It’s the perfect celebration cake for a much needed change of weather and turn of the season.

Happy May!!!!



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